Week 9: Final Research Project Paper1

 Week 9: Final Research Project Paper

Submit a 12 page term paper on the development of a simple research design. Students should pick a business topic of your interest in your major field of study. The paper must follow the APA format and include at least 10 references. Due to the assignment tool on the 9th week of the class and the discussion tool.

Research Design Paper Guidelines—The final project should include the following and use APA format:

· Title Page

· Table of Contents

· Abstract. Include Key Words for research at the end.

· Body of Document with subheadings written in bold type

· Introduction

· Review of the Literature, includes 7 reference sources.

· Research Statement, which includes the purpose of the research study and several research hypotheses. 

· Method and Design which is identified as either a qualitative or quantitative research study. If it is quantitative, what method is used to collect the data.

· Discussion and Results

· Summary and Conclusions

· Reference Page

· Appendices. Examples are Survey questions and answers. Graphs to present the research findings.

Use the APA Resources link on the course menu for assistance with APA formatting.


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