the scenario where a well thought out Project Organization

8. Choose the scenario where a well thought out Project Organization Chart would add no value as a Project Control Enabler:A – Involvement by all required groups in an organization leads to a better project plan where nothing is missedB – If the chart included stakeholders who had no interest in the project (for or against)C – Project staffing lends itself to organizational resource staffing analysisD – Project team members can see their roles, which allows the project team to avoid redundant task9. All of the following create opportunities for a project to go “off track” except:A- Organizational changes which impact project resourcesB – Self Interests of project stakeholdersC – Project team members in-attention to what is being completedD – Project Manager managing project stakeholders10. Choose the statement which best describes why Project Methodologies are Project Control Enablers:A – Creating a unique methodology for each new project promotes diversity in the organizationB – Using a standard project methodology promotes accelerated project startup and allows re-use of previous project plans and schedulesC – Updating project methodologies to correct them for “past sins” gives the new project team an un-fair advantage to be more successful than the previous project teamsD – A methodology is an organizational reminder that it requires too much organizational discipline to bother with.11. The following project sizes should have project control:A – Small Projects with a budget of a few thousand dollarsB – Large projects with many external vendorsC – All of theseD – Medium projects which involve only material purchases12. The real value of a change management plan towards maintaining project control is:A – It encourages project changeB – It provides a cumbersome process that discourages any form of changeC – It enables an efficient, repeatable change process that gets the project back on track as quick as possibleD – None of the above13. All of the following are reasons for project teams to be made up of members who perform project roles except:A – Project roles promote division of laborB – Project roles funnel the right attention to all project areasC – Project roles create an opportunity for the organization to train new project managersD – Project roles concentrate expertise within specific roles14. While monitoring the project progress, choose the item that the Project Manager is NOT looking for:A – Deliverable completionB – Scope CreepC – Issue ResolutionD – Vendor Invoices for project purchases15. The best justification for maintaining historical data as a project control enabler is:A- If a similar project in the past was successful, then repeating past practices will maximize the possibility of current project successB – It will save time during project startup because you have past project documentsC – It provides an audit trail to show that the past project failure was not the fault of the project teamD – It provides a record of past interactions with vendors16. Industry best practices suggest that the likelihood of project success increases when which of the following are implemented:A – Project Control EnablersB – Deputy Project ManagersC – Approved Project BudgetsD – Weekly status meetings


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