The central or core product is often not hard to describe

The central or “core” product is often not hard to describe, yet various supplementary goods or services known as “product extensions” often enhance it. Many sport organizations have found that a substantial amount of money can be generated from items such as concessions and souvenirs.Well, product extensions certainly aren’t limited to hotdogs and t-shirts in sport management, are they!?Get your (fill in the blank) here!We’ve all heard the vendors at sporting events shout: “Get your __________ here!”Your mission for this Unit’s Discussion is to “fill in the blank” listed above and create a product extension for a company or organization you have wanted to learn more about in sport management.You are to create a product or service for this company that is an extension of their core product or service. Stay away from the “easy answers” such as concessions and souvenirs, unless you are creating something VERY original that obviously has not been tapped by this organization in the past. Remember the goal is to create a product extension that brings additional revenue into the organization!For the assignment, you will need to identify the following in your Post: * What the name of the company or organization is and a brief background of its core products and services (additional research will be necessary, be sure to cite your sources) * What your idea is for a product extension – describe it in great detail * Why you think this product or service will work for this particular company and its target market – give details


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