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Guidelines for the Senior Design Final Report
The final report is your opportunity to encapsulate a semester’s worth of work into a final deliverable that accompanies the final prototype. Keep in mind that the audience for this report is diverse. It could include: (1) another team that is picking up where you left off, (2) your advisor evaluating your work, (3) a person who may want to further fund your idea, or (4) someone trying to transform your work into a peer-reviewed conference or journal article.
Your report should follow the general guidelines, given below, and include each listed section.
General Guidelines
• Only one written report per group.
• Do not assume that your readers have prior knowledge about your project.
• All reports are to be single sided and double spaced
Report Contents
Cover Page
Table of Contents
List of Figures
List of Tables
Executive Summary: Present a concise description of the entire project and the progress completed (not to exceed 2 double-spaced pages).
Introduction: Provide a brief background on the client, their products/services, and the project itself. In addition, present information to acquaint a new reader with the problem and the purpose/motivation for carrying out the objectives of the project.
Project Objectives: State clearly what you are proposing to accomplish in this project.
Project Team: State who the members of the group are and what their roles are.
Design and Analysis: This is the most important segment of this report. This section must include:
• Processes for problem identification and refinement.
• Steps taken to identify the solution.
• Merits and demerits of all solutions evaluated.
• Decision making process leading to the solution that was pursued.
• Details on design and analysis including any system analysis, engineering analysis, components and materials selection, drawings generated route sheets for fabrication, etc.
• Current status of the design
• Activities that would be required for the implementation of the project into the workplace/ client’s use.
• Discussion of relevant standards
Project Deliverables: State clearly what has been created as the deliverables for the completion of this project.
Summary: Present a summary assessment on the end state of the project (typically, less than a page).
Budget: Present a breakdown of expenses and approved budget for the entire duration of the semester along with a list of expenses incurred to-date. For example, a group may have a projected budget of $1,000 for the entire project and might have incurred $255 to date.
Timeline: A complete time line showing the various steps/activities completed and those that were planned to be completed and have not been completed.
References: A complete list of references using appropriate and complete citations whether the citations are books, emails, web site information, etc.
Appendices: (if needed) Present in this section information supplementary to the main body of the report including drawings, tables, figures, and equations.


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