Special Education Description 150 words each question 1-What questions do you still have regarding..

Special EducationDescription

150 words each question

1-What questions do you still have regarding special education?

2-What are some support systems that you have observed for students with disabilities and the professionals who work with these students?

3-How important are support systems for students with disabilities? How important are they for the special education teachers? What did you learn about support systems in this class that you will apply to your work environment?

Write a reflection journal of 350-400 words that addresses the following questions:
Human Exceptionality
School, Community, and Family
Michael Hardman, Clifford Drew, M. Winston Egan

– What are the key points in the assigned textbook reading for this week?
– Based upon your experience in education, how might you apply this content to a classroom and instruction?…………….Answer Preview………………

What questions do you still have regarding special education?

            Research has it that special education fields is one of the most challenging in the entire system of education. However, many learners have had various diverse questions regarding this field which range from the progress, discipline, damages modification and accommodation, retention, damages, advocacy, parent-school relations, reading, hearing due process, and more other topics that as a teacher specialized in this field you are entitled to give the very best answer as needed.  My question is how can I better understand autism? And must I request for “paraprofessional” not “aide”? The reason why I am eager to get the answers for the above question is simply because as a special education teacher basically…………….APA1,099 Words Added to cart


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