Research at Work Journal


Please respond to the following questions in your journal:

What was the most difficult part of locating quality sources on your topic in Module 6? What was the most rewarding?  The difficult part about the assignment was balancing locating topic and my on-going job hunting. 

How did you find an angle for your research essay from the sources you have collected?  Cloud computing when applied in agriculture, it leads to increased production of food. Therefore, Cloud computing promotes food security as well as the demand and supply of products. 

What lessons did you learn about writing an essay from sources in this module? What would you do differently next time?  The operating systems in cloud computing are set based on end-users needs because of their storage capacities, the hardware required to enable one to build the system, and servers.  

Do you have any questions about writing from sources before you write similar essays in other classes?

Your journal entry should be at least 200 words in length. Please remember that only you and your professor will have access to your journal. 


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