MGMT 340 Week 2 Quiz…………….(MGMT 340 Business Systems Analysis – DeVry)

MGMT 340 Week 2 : Systems Planning and Selection – Quiz

1. Question : (TCO 2)  Which of the following is NOT a project management phase?
2. Question : (TCO 2)  Developing an understanding of the content and complexity of the project is the purpose of
3. Question : (TCO 2)  During which of the following project planning activities do you use the information regarding tasks and resource availability to assign time estimates to each activity in the work breakdown structure?
4. Question : (TCO 2)  The third phase of the project management process in which the plans created in the prior phases are put into action is
5. Question : (TCO 2)  The final phase of the project management process that focuses on bringing a project to an end is called
6. Question : (TCO 2)  Slack time is equal to
7. Question : (TCO 2)  A technique that uses optimistic, pessimistic, and realistic time to calculate the expected time for a particular task best defines
8. Question : (TCO 2)  Which of the following is one of the three primary activities associated with identifying and selecting IS development projects?
9. Question : (TCO 2)  The ratio of the net cash receipts of the project divided by the cash outlays of the project, enabling trade-off analysis to be made between competing projects, is often referred to as
10. Question : (TCO 2)  A benefit derived from the creation of an information system that can be measured in dollars and with certainty is a(n)


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