Embry LGMT 685-Chapter 15 What are the different

Hello Expertmelda would you be interested in this assignment it’s the same as the last one. I ask that bold the question to make it easier to follow. Pay is $45Chapter 15:Question 1 – What are the different main international logistics security programs, implemented either by international agencies or national governments?Question 2 – What are the main differences between the alternative approaches taken by the United States and the European Union in terms of security?Question 4 – What are the four areas in which a corporation must enact security measures to protect itself against theft and terrorism?Chapter 17:Question 2 – What are the advantages of using the metric system in international commerce?Question 3 – What are the trade-offs between utilizing a standardized policy and remaining flexible for an exporter? You can choose either terms of payment or Incoterms rules to illustrate your points.Question 4 – In your opinion, why is it important for an exporter to sell in the importer country’s currency?


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