Embery MGMT203 Module 2.5 Review Questions latest 2016 august

Each module has a set of review questions to assist you in learning the materials and help you prepare for the final exam.Spend quality time responding to the following questions in your own words.In managing your flying business, a key requirement is to develop an aircraft use policy. Describe what an aircraft use policy is and what should be included.You are tasked by your CEO to perform an analysis for purchasing a used aircraft. What FAA document will provide the specifications or data on the aircraft and was a result of the aircraft airworthiness certificate? What specifically would this data sheet provide?Describe the substructural members of the semi-monologue fuselage.Describe the four aerodynamic forces acting on an aircraft in flight. What is equilibrium?Describe what a Minimum Equipment List (MEL) is, when can an aircraft not depart a station, and name the four columns associated with the MEL document.The CEO stated she wants a review of the 14 CFR parts for Airworthiness Standards for fixed wing aircraft, engines, and propellers. Please provide a list of those standards as a starting outline for a maintenance policy and procedures book.Citations and references must be in current .instructure.com/courses/49077/pages/academic-resources”>APA format.Provide your answers in a document and submit.Save your assignment using a naming convention that includes your first and last name and the activity number (or description). Do not add punctuation or special characters.


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