Development and Support” and provide a study into the improvement of their current business… 1 answer below »

In assignment 2 and 3 you are required to invesgate the issues at “Marcia’s IT
Development and Support” and provide a study into the improvement of their current
business processes. You will need to conduct an invesgaon into the client’s problems
and evaluate a soluon to meet their business needs.
Marcia’s requirements are summarized below. The detail provided is incomplete and
may in some aspects be inaccurate. If you have any quesons you may ask for
clarificaon from your lecturer, who is Marcia’s representave.
Overview – Marcia’s IT Development and Support
Marcia’s is a locally owned business, it currently has four branches; Lithgow, Eastwood,
Fairfield and Wollongong. The head office is in Kogarah. At the head office they develop
and maintain a sophiscated stock management system, specifically tailored for small
retail businesses (this system is called PerfectStock). The branches (with support from
Head Office) market, implement and support PerfectStock for clients in their local area.
The branches also provide a full range of IT infrastructure support services to their
clients including;
· hardware and networking installaon, monitoring and maintenance,
· Server soware configuraon and support,
· Desktop soware configuraon and support.
The business has become quite profitable in the past years and its owner, Marcia Norris
has devised plans to expand by opening addional branches, inially in the regional
centres of Coffs Harbour and Orange. Marcia has longer term plans for other service
centres along the east coast of NSW and eventually naonally. Surprisingly the business,
even though it produces and supports IT systems, uses almost completely manual
processing (supplemented by a series of EXCEL spreadsheets) to support it’s internal
administrave systems. Marcia accepts that these systems are anquated, and


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