Course Project Proposal Outline


The DSM identifies many specific psychological disorders. While research has found that in general, no one type of therapy is substantially better than others, different treatments may be more appropriate for specific disorders. In this project, you are asked to choose a psychological disorder that is of interest to you. You will describe the disorder in detail, indicate what is known about its causes and progression, and identify a treatment or treatments that would be most appropriate.

As you complete this project, think about the following: What do we know about psychological disorders and their treatment? Which disorder am I interested in writing about?

Submit a course project on psychological disorders and their treatment. You will be asked to choose one of the following:

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Choose an appropriate therapy or therapies for that disorder from the following. All three therapies. Behavioral Therapy (you may choose combined Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy) Cognitive Therapy (you may choose combined Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy) Drug Therapies

Submit a 1 to 3 paragraph proposal indicating which disorder and therapies you plan to write about. Note that you will be required to submit an outline for your paper during Module 3.

Please remember that for maximum points, you need to support your proposal with appropriate references and citations. be sure to list one or two references for sources you plan to use in your project, and properly cite and reference them in APA style.


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