Corporate Social Responsibility and Privacy

Question:”Corporate Social Responsibility and Privacy” Please respond to the following:(a) Examine the belief that green programs create economic value while being socially responsible and sustaining the environment. Determine whether you agree or disagree with this statement. Support your position with one example.(b) Some supermarkets use loyalty programs which enable them to collect data about the shopping patterns of their customers. Suppose that an insurance company wanted to buy this data from the supermarket in order to analyze the behavior of its policyholders. Determine whether or not the insurance company should be allowed to buy the data. Support your position.Question:ASSINGMENT OVERVIEWPart 1:Writing a C++ application for called Area in Code::Blocks. The goal of the program is determine the area of a circle and a square. The code should be organized into header files (Circle.h, Square.h) and implementation files (Circle.cpp, Square.cpp, main.cpp). Can anyone help me with this?Part: 2Write 3-5 page paper that includes:Define and document the requirements for the Area application.Describe the stakeholders needed to help further define the application.Describe a collaboration plan for working with stakeholders.Analyze the behavior of classes and objects constructs.Define the properties, methods, and constructors you have used in your applicationExplain how your application works and any issues you encountered with the application.Question:1) Why is RAID 1 not a substitute for a backup?2) Explain the process of data recovery in case of a drive failure in RAID 5?3) Discuss the impact of random and sequential I/Os in different RAID configurations?4) Which type of application benefits the most by bypassing write cache?


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