Art talk

Art Talk – Renaissance in Quattrocento Italy, Sacrifice of Isaac (Section 1 Ends Here)        

Images: Filippo Brunelleschi, Sacrifice of Isaac, 1401-03, panel, gilt bronze relief and Lorenzo Ghiberti, Sacrifice of Issac, 1401-03, gilt bronze panel relief.

Step 1:This Discussion is divided into 3 parts.  Why were these panels commissioned? How did the artist choose to cast the image?  In other words, what is shown on the quattrofoil?  Make sure that you read both the textbook and the Instructor PDF file.  In addition, please refer to the figures by name. Using your Language of Art handout, choose and explain 1 function (on page 1) for both panels.  You may choose the same function for both panels.  Or, you can choose a different function for each panel.  Post your student comments for this question.     

Step 2 – In order to get full credit, answer the question and then respond to a minimum of 3 other student postings with comments (see Guidelines for Art Talk and Ground Rules in your Syllabus).  Be sure to complete this before the Section closes.  I cannot reopen a Section once it has closed.

Step 3 – Remember, the Discussions are separated into 3 Sections and close Weekly – on Sunday at 11:59 PM.  The closing day will always be the same during the semester.  This means that if Sunday is a holiday, please plan accordingly to complete the Discussion.  The Discussions are open for 1 week and no extra time is allowed.

Step 4 – Once a Discussion has closed, I will read & graded them – this may take a few days. Once graded, I will send an Announcement with the answers and a summation of what I read from your postings and comments. You will be able to see your grades in the Grades link after I have read/graded the Discussion.


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