3. In-group perceptions can develop:a. based on ethnicity b. based on a clear set of rulesc. any tim

3. In-group perceptions can develop:a. based on ethnicity b. based on a clear set of rulesc. any time two or more people gather d. All of the above are ways in-groups develop perceptions. 6. The stage of group formation where the group comes to a consensus about the rules underwhich it will operate is called:a. norming b. performing c. forming d. storming. 7. One of the reasons cited in the text for joining groups is that groups provide:a. individual power and aptitude b. opportunity to pursue individual interests c. social comparison with others d. All of the above.11. Psychological inventories such as the Strong Interest Inventory are best used to predict:a. how happy you’ll be in a given career b. which career you should choose c. how successful you’ll be in a given career d. how compatible a career might be for you. 18. The Masters and Johnson team identified _____ phases in the sexual response cycle.a. 4b. 5c. 6d. 7.19. The first stage of the sexual response cycle is:a. excitement b. transition c. resolution d. plateau. 20. Which is true of personal ads?a. They emphasize the same things, regardless of culture.b. The number of ads on the Internet has tripled in recent years.c. Those who are not interested in long-term relationships tend to be more honest in ads.d. Those who disclose a lot of personal information in ads are less likely to find success. 25. What can we conclude from cross-cultural studies regarding love and intimacy?a. With regard to romantic love, today’s cultures of the world are more dissimilar than ever.b. Individualistic societies place more emphasis on love as a basis for marriage.c. Passionate love is correlated with marital satisfaction, but only in American culture due tothe influence of Hollywood.d. Anglos are less idealistic about sex and love than Hispanics.


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